keto bacon-wrapped pickles

Keto Bacon Wrapped Pickles Stuffed With Cream Cheese

These keto bacon-wrapped pickles stuffed with cream cheese are one of the easiest and delicious snacks you will ever eat. This recipe contains just 3 ingredients and can be prepared in 10 minutes.  Who knew that pickles could be such a tasty snack when paired with bacon? What’s even better is that they are keto-friendly and low carb!

If you haven’t tried this pickle recipe yet, you have to try it! You can serve this as an appetizer to any party as well. This recipe might sound familiar to you. It’s actually a fun twist to the stuffed jalapeno recipe. We wanted to use dill pickles while grilling. Even though we thought it wouldn’t be delicious, it turned out great! 

What You Will Need:

– 8 Dill Pickles (you can use either whole pickles or spears, it’s up to you)

– 4 oz softened cream cheese

– 8 slices of bacon

Preparation time: 10 MINUTES 

Cook time: 10 MINUTES 

Total time: 20 MINUTES

How to Prepare Bacon Wrapped Pickles Stuffed with Cream Cheese?

Slice the whole dill pickles in half lengthwise. and place them on a paper towel in order to soak up the pickle juice.

Then,  scoop out the center of your pickle with a spoon. It doesn’t matter if it’s perfect or not. Then, put the pickles on a paper towel again to soak up the rest of the juice.

Now it’s time to put the cream cheese in the pickles. We only filled one side of the pickle, but you can do both sides if you want.

Put the pickles back together, and wrap it around with a piece of bacon.  In order to make sure that the bacon stays on the pickles, you can use toothpicks. Otherwise, the bacon will fall off while grilling.

Toss the bacon-wrapped pickles on the hot grill and let it cook until the bacon is fully cooked from all sides. Once pickles are fully cooked, let them cool down before serving.

Can I Use Pickle Spears?

Yes, you can use pickle spears but you can’t stuff them with cheese. However, they are just as delicious without cream cheese.

These make the most delicious bacon appetizer recipe to serve up! You can pair them with creamy deviled eggs, or serve ranch dressing on the side as a dip for your pickles.

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Can I Eat Dill Pickles on Keto?

It’s safe to say that dill pickles are keto-friendly. Just make sure you go easy on the cream cheese when you stuff your pickles or avoid the cream cheese, and grab a slice of bacon to wrap around the pickles.

Variations To Recipe Keto bacon-wrapped pickles

– You can add in fresh slices of jalapenos on top of cream cheese

– Put brown sugar over bacon before wrapping if you want a sweeter taste

– Use other cheese such as pepper jack cheese, blue cheese, etc. to sprinkle over

Nutrition Information: YIELD: 8 SERVING SIZE: 1

Amount Per Serving Keto bacon-wrapped pickles: CALORIES: 108






SODIUM: 557mg






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